Make your move


The beauty of movement, the desire to discover… here’s Swatch’s latest SKIN collection, launched in London with a contemporary dance show. “We chose yourmove as a signature
line for this campaign because we think that today is a call to action and it’s a way to empower people to express themselves in freedom.”
The new Swatch Skin is the perfect one for me: colorful and super thin…love at first sight! Why #YOURMOVE? Because with the new swatch you can really feel free and express
yourself, your style, your attitude, your personality: do you like sport? You can easily carry it with you, are you a traveler? The Swatch Skin will become your partner in crime, cool and
comfy, you can put it anywhere.

This versatile collection is available in both regular and big sizes, all of them worn with a nearly weightless ease, giving their wearers a sense of freedom and the inspiration to
But #YOURMOVE also stands for change… it’s time to wake up and that change is you! The watch is changing too, thinner and bicolor, even more stylish, available in 11 different
colors, from SKINSKIN, the subtle “nude” watch, to the eye-catching black and white color scheme of SKIN- NOIR, every model employs the striking wave element as well as a new
jewel-cut crown design and sophisticated dial features. My choice? The fabulous Skinciel, pastel shade reminding me the color of the sky, super fashionable and easy-to- wear
elegance even with a cute dress, or maybe wearable whenever I go for a run.
Dance with the unknown, break down barriers and make #YOURMOVE with SKIN. Inspired by life most pivotal moments, minimalist style and nearly weightless design
tells the story of freedom. The time has come to make #YOURMOVE.

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